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Family Reunion Photographs

Like so many families, these folks had not all been together in about 18 months. Now fully vaccinated, these parents were thrilled to reunite with their three adult children. I was honored to capture some family reunion photographs.

Family of five walking their dog.

Family Reunion Photographs

Unbeknownst to me, the younger brother picked the slightly uphill spot so he could appear taller than his older brother 🙂 Mom tells me this has been a running joke for decades!! We chose this spot because this old apple tree was flowering on photo day. I also liked the way the branches formed a natural frame.

Vermont Family Reunion Photograph

Dad planted all the Balsam Fir trees on the property, some as many as 36 years ago, others more recently. I wanted to photograph him connecting with his daughter in this very special place for their family.

Family photograph in Vermont.

Dogs have long been important to this family. Balsam, named after the trees, is their resident therapy dog.

Kate Farrell's photo of a man playing with a dog.
A dog playing fetch by Kate Farrell Photography.
A dog resting at family reunion photo session.

Balsam’s connection to Mom is palpable!!

A woman with her beloved dog.
Black and white image of a woman and her beloved dog.

At this reunion, we made sure to get a photo of each (adult) child with Dad.

Father, son and dog -- a photo from a family reunion.
Father, son and dog -- one the photographs from their family reunion.
Vermont Family Reunion Photograph

I hope these photos help this family remember this visit as well the times they’ve shared together over the decades.

Sibling reunion photograph
Sibling reunion photograph in Vermont.

Getting family reunion photographs took about an hour. Many jokes and smiles were shared during our time together. Being at home added meaning and was most comfortable for all. I think it ended up being lots of fun for everyone.

Photographs of Just the Parents

We also captured some photos of Mom and Dad alone at a later date when their azalea and rhododendron were blooming. Their love and support for each other was both heart warming and inspiring. Of course, having known Mom from my teaching days, I was not the least bit surprised and loved the chance to reconnect with a friend and former colleague.

Vermont Grandparents sitting on their porch.
Spring photo of a senior Vermont couple.
Spring photograph of a Vermont couple.

I hope this family is able to reunite again soon with significant others and grandchildren present as well!

If you are reuniting with your family and would like some photos to help tell that story, please reach out to schedule a photo session. I’d love to meet you!

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