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Studio or Outside?

Which is best for your next photo session?

Both studio and outdoor photo sessions can be lots of fun and deliver gorgeous photos. Which is best for you?

Mom looks lovingly at 6 year old daughter.

Studio: control, lots of schedule flexibility, staged and directed

If you need to do your photo session at a very specific time and will be absolutely unable to reschedule, a studio is great. The light is always there (just flip a switch!). It never rains or gets cold. You and your photographer can control every variable.

Maybe you just want a head shot in with a neutral background? This is the option for you.

Is your family coming to town for just one night? You really want a group photo and Aunt Nelly can’t stand temps below 50? Indoors is perfect!

Outdoors = More Fun!

Is being outdoors a big part of who you are? Wouldn’t it be great to have photos that reflect your passions?

Man playing fetch with a golden retriever.

The Environment is Part of the Story Outside

Do you have a favorite park that has deep significance in your family? Let’s meet there!

Kids running on a trail.

You and the Kids Can Be Silly Together Outside

Will you and the kids be more relaxed if there is room to run and be silly?

No one yells, “Watch out for that light stand!” at an outdoor session. But, I sure will say, “Go play in the shade, boys.” Then I’ll flop down on the ground to get some photos of brothers having fun.

Two brothers playing on the ground.

Time in nature has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love to photograph families in beautiful light while they relax and play in places they love.

Yup, sometimes, we have to reschedule for rain. I always leave room in my schedule and even the most outdoorsy folks understand that my camera doesn’t like to get wet.

4 year old reaches for an apple blossom.

I schedule my sessions for golden hour to ensure optimal light. That means we’ll meet an hour or two before sunset and my schedule changes with the seasons.

Kids sledding at sunset.

Schedule for a Time of Year that Speaks to YOU

I work in all of Vermont’s many seasons. Each is beautiful in it’s own way and I truly don’t have a favorite.

Two kids heading for the chicken coop in the snow.

Interested in Working With Me?

Curious to learn more?

Check out the Families section of my website for more info.

Ready to Start the Booking Process?

Email me kate@katekatefarrellphotography.com or click the “Let’s Get Started” button to start the booking process. I’ll be in touch with a link to my schedule so we can set up a 15 minute video introduction where I’ll answer all your questions.

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