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5 Things to Bring to Your Family Photo Session

A little advance planning can make your family photo session go very smoothly. I’ll be with you every step of the way from selecting the location to checking in before the session. You’ll get a detailed session prep guide when you book, but here’s a quick list of things to bring to your family photo session.

Vt Photography. A Vermont family photo session near the Lamoille River.

Layers – and not just for the weather

Have you heard what the Old Timers say about the weather in Vermont? “If you don’t like it, just wait a few hours!” Yup, conditions around here can change pretty quickly.

But, bringing layers isn’t just so you’ll be comfortable when the temperature drops. Layers and textures look great in photos. Scarves, knit sweaters, denim jackets all add depth and interest to images.

vt photography -- a family photo session at a park. Little boy is having fun jumping off a picnic table.

Its a great idea to plan to include several different textures in your photo session attire.

Image of two children in the evening taken by Vermont Family Photographer, Kate Farrell.

Extra shoes?

Depending on the location you select, we might have to walk a bit before we take the photos. Many clients like to wear light hikers until we reach our destination then slip on some more fun (and perhaps less practical) shoes for the photos.

Image of a puppy caring a kids' shoe taken by Vermont Family Photographer, Kate Farrell.

Snacks and Baby Wipes

If I’ll be photographing kids at your family photo session, snacks are a good thing to have on hand. Be sure to bring snacks that won’t make a mess.

Image of mom and kids examining an insect at a Vermont family photo session.

Snack suggestions

  • Cheese slices
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Granola Bars (if not too gooey)
  • Crackers (without cheese powder)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Water

Avoid snacks that could easily make a mess. Chocolate melts. Yogurt is messy. The powdered cheese on Pirate’s Booty and some crackers is just messy.

Please bring some baby wipes just in case…

Mom hugging 5 year old son at a Vermont family photo session.

Backup Clothes

You probably already thought of this, but for little ones, an extra set of clothes is a must. Babies spit up. Toddlers take tumbles. Diaper situations happen. Remember, I’ve got four kids of my own so I’m well versed in rolling with kiddo situations.

Mom with older dog and toddler at a Vermont family photo session.

And, if yours is prone to spitting up, a spare top for the parents is a smart idea too.

Parents and toddler at a Vermont family photo session.

If your family is at this stage, the best spot might be your back yard. That way you have all the things you might need readily accessible. Kids at this age are also often most comfortable at home.

The Family Dog because it is a Family Photo Session

Don’t forget Fido! Let’s be sure to discuss this in the planning stage, but know that I love to photograph the family dog(s)! We’ll need to select a location that allows dogs — that might even be your yard. (You might also enjoy my Dog Photography Tips post.)

Parents with two daughter and their dog at a Vermont Family Photo Session.

Ready for a Family Photo Session?

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