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Backing Up Client Photos

A bird in a tree.

While the fun part of being a professional photographer in Vermont is taking photos, backing them up is just as important.

Every client’s story matters and I don’t want to lose their images! Many of these tips will be helpful to hobbyist photographers as well.

Backed up in Camera

My professional cameras, the Cannon 5d Mark iv and Canon EOS R6 both have two memory card slots. That means I have two memory cards in each camera at all times. So, every photograph is immediately stored to two places in camera. In the unlikely event a card is somehow damaged before your images are downloaded, I would just grab them from the other card.

Extra Memory Cards in My Bag

I always carry two extra sets of memory cards in my camera bag. Thank you thinkTank Photo for making that easy. In the highly unlikely event a card isn’t working in session, I’m ready. I also have extra cards ready just in case I need more data storage space. This is also a smart tip for anyone traveling with their camera. You don’t want to miss a moment because your memory card failed.

Along those lines, I also make it a habit to update some my cards about once a year. This way I always have new cards and can retire the ones that have served me well for a few years.

Speaking of my camera bag, I’ve plenty of room for extra lenses and arrive at every session with both backup options and the gear needed to photograph most any situation unfolds. More on that in a future post…

Happy Couple on a fall afternoon. Image credit: Kate Farrell a professional photographer in Vermont.

Cloud Backup

Back in my home office, all images are backed up with Backblaze to the cloud. I never erase images from the in-camera memory cards until this process has been completed.

I always recommend that my clients back up their digital images as soon as they are downloaded from me. This, of course, is also best practice for your own photography.

Hard drives fail. It is not fun! Backups really can save the day.

Professionally photographed family in Vermont. Image credit: Kate Farrell a professional photographer in Vermont.

External Hard Drives

Finally, I back images up to a external hard drives. Every photographer should make this a habit. There is peace of mind knowing your images are backed up in two places. Once the images are in two places, you can delete them from your hard drive so it runs faster and more smoothly.

Professionally photographed family in Vermont. Image credit: Kate Farrell a professional photographer in Vermont.

What this Means for Clients

You can relax knowing that you images are safe while you await delivery. Being a professional photographer in Vermont isn’t just about creating stunning artwork. It’s also about ensuring that art is safely stored.

I take great care to ensure my clients receive the highest quality experience from the initial check inquiry through delivery of wall art and digital images. Part of that process is protecting images from a computer failure. Rest assured knowing your images are safely backed up and you will receive your completed gallery a few weeks after your session.

Teenaged girl and her beloved dog. Image credit: Kate Farrell a professional photographer in Vermont.

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**updated on 2/27/2023


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