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Dogs are part of the family and I lOVE photographing them!

Do you have photos of how loved you feel around your dog? What about photos of how silly your puppy still is???

I find that people are often most relaxed in front of my camera when their dog is nearby. Some of the most authentic smiles I've captured have been when dogs were nearby. They carve out a big spot in our hearts and help us feel grounded, even when there's a photographer nearby with a big camera!

I know how hard it is to say good-bye to a beloved dog. Some of my most treasured photos are of some pals who are no longer with us. I encourage all pet owners to prepare for that tough day by keeping a collection of photos

Photographing dogs, like kids, brings out the kid in me. You can expect me to be down on my belly cheering for your furry friend. 

Dogs are welcome at all my family photo sessions! I love capturing the unique personality of each dog. I'll bring a few treats and we'll be good friends right away!