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Home: The Perfect Spot for Your Next Family Portrait Session

Home might be the perfect place for your next family portrait. Yes, yes, Vermont offers us many beautiful backdrops, but sometimes there really is no place like the front porch and back yard.

Family portrait with Mount Mansfield in the background
Sometimes the backyard view is the best view!

The comfort of home is perfect for a relaxed portrait session.

Home is a familiar and comfortable environment for families. That can help kids, adults and pets relax and feel more natural in front of the camera. When people are in a familiar space, they tend to feel more at ease and behave in a more natural and unguarded way. This can help the photographer capture candid and authentic moments that truly reflect the family’s personalities and dynamics.

I wrote about How I Ensure a Relaxed Photo Session in a separate blog post.

In Vermont, many of us have gorgeous backdrops and views at home! There might be no need to “go some place special” for photos because you already live in a very special place.

Portrait of a 4 year old girl

Home is a great place to personalize your portrait session.

Home is also a great place for family portraits because it is a unique and personalized setting that can showcase a family’s individuality and personality. Your home décor and personal belongings can be incorporated into the photos to create a more personalized and meaningful portrait. For example, if a family loves spending time in their backyard, the photographer can take photos of them enjoying their garden or playing games outside. This can make for a more meaningful and memorable portrait that truly captures the essence of the family.

Learn more about my family photo sessions.

Mom, Dad and two young kids get ready to sit on a blanket at a Vermont family Family portrait session.
This family had recently relocated to Vermont and was excited to have photos taken in their new backyard.

Home is convenient!

Having family portraits taken at home can also be more convenient for families, especially those with young children or pets. There’s no need to worry about traveling to a specific location or dealing with unfamiliar surroundings. This can be especially helpful for families with special needs, who may feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home environment. It can also be more convenient for families with young children or pets, who may be more comfortable and relaxed in their own familiar environment.

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Mom, Dad and an older dog at a Vermont Family portrait session
This older dog is most comfortable in her own backyard so it was the obvious choice for spring photos.

Have photos taken where you make the most memories.

Home is where many of life’s most important moments happen. Home is where families gather, celebrate milestones, and create memories together. Having family portraits taken at home can help capture those memories and create a lasting visual record of a family’s history and legacy for generations to come.

Mom and dog

Home is flexible!

Home also offers more flexibility in terms of timing and weather conditions. If the baby needs to be changed or you need an extra sweater, it’s no problem at home. In addition, scheduling a portrait session at home is often easier for busy families. No need to plan time to travel to a park or other location. Home can make it easier and more convenient for families to have their portraits taken.

Overall, home can be the perfect place for family portraits because it offers a comfortable, personalized, and convenient setting that can result in more meaningful and authentic photos. By capturing candid and natural moments in a familiar and personalized setting, family portraits taken at home can create a lasting legacy and record of a family’s history and memories.

Family portrait of a young couple hugging

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