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Vermont Youth Cycling Race at Craftsbury 2022 Highlights

The Vermont Youth Cycling Race at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center on September 11, 2022 was the first of four races in the the fall youth mountain bike series. I’m excited to be the official photographer for these events and will be sharing highlights here on my blog. VTYC receives a gallery of images free of charge after each race to help promote their events and grow youth cycling. It’s just one of the ways I hope my photography will make the world a better place.

Rider in the Vermont Youth Cycling Race at Craftsbury 2022 navigating a berm.

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Riders in the Vermont Youth Cycling Race at Craftsbury showed grit and determination.

I’ve skied at Craftsbury many times and in my mind’s eye the trails are always covered in perfectly groomed snow. But, race day was hot and sunny. Temps were in the mid 80s and the start finish area was in direct sun under a bright blue sky.

I found a spot on the course with a fun berm to photograph as many riders as possible. I love looking back on the faces that show grit and determination, focus and flow. Here are a few of my favorites.

I discussed action photography in bright light in an earlier blog post called Summer Photo Tips. I was certainly using all those ideas at the Vermont Youth Cycling race at Craftsbury!

There were many examples of people being good people at the Vermont Youth Cycling Race at Craftsbury.

On the start line riders were reminded that the rider in front always has the right of way. Passing riders were told to call out to the rider ahead who should yield at a convenient time.

I spent lots of time near a spot where the single track crossed a wide and paved roller ski trail. On at least two occasions, I heard nearly breathless conversations that went something like this.

“Hey… (gasp for air!)… can I pass?”

“Yeah… (gasp for air!)… as soon as we get to the pavement.”

And then I saw the rider in front move to the side to let the other rider by. Often with a grunt, “Good job.”

Handshakes between riders on the podium added to the feeling of goodwill in the air.

The thoughtful effort and hard work of the organizers was evident in moments like this as well as in the very clearly marked course. Registration and number pick up was speedy and efficient. The results were ready so quickly after the last finisher that I did not have time to even fill my water bottle before photographing the awards. It’s clear the organizers know a thing or two about well-oiled machines and I’m so thrilled to have partnered with Vermont Youth Cycling this year!

It felt like September 11.

For those who lived in the northeast on 9/11/2001, it was impossible not to notice how similar the weather was to that day. I remember going for a ride with friends that evening, feeling numb and confused.

But, this year, September 11 at Craftsbury was filled with hope and positive energy. It was a beautiful place to spend the day. And, yes, I did take a few quiet moments to ponder the past 21 years while I was waiting in the woods to photograph riders.

You can purchase race photos until November 4, 2022.

I will publish a gallery of photos a few days after each race. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I edit and cull; it does take me some time, especially with a family and other client work in the mix.

I’ll leave all the galleries up until November 4 so that you can place one order to consolidate shipping when the season ends.

Mountain bike rider in the woods at the Vermont Youth Cycling race at Craftsbury, VT.

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