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Five Reasons to Hire a Family Reunion Photographer

It’s that time of year again. With summer planning in full swing, families often debate hiring a family reunion photographer. The texts and phone calls go back and forth as that precious time together gets planned.

At a family reunion, there needs to be fun, good food, time to have real conversation, time for the kids to get their sillies out and some time to relax. Planners consider the needs of each individual and family often spanning decades in age with corresponding differences in energy levels.

A family reunion -- grandparents, adult son with his wife and toddler and a super cute golden retriever!

When someone suggests a family reunion photographer, its no surprise that another family member might wonder if there’s going to be time for that. But, carving precious time out from a family reunion for photos is an investment that will pay dividends for generations. And, with the right photographer, it will actually be one of the most enjoyable parts of your time together.

How Long Have You Been Waiting for this?

Just pause for a moment to think how much time you have invested in your family. Isn’t this what you have been working for all these years? Whether you are a grandparent, a new parent or somewhere in between, I bet you have been working hard to provide for your family and to love and nurture them along the way.

A super proud and happy mom in her 80s surrounded by her smiling adult children.

You probably also put lots of time and energy into building relationships within your family. In short, this gathering has been a long time in the making!

Big hugs for Grandma from the teenaged grandkids!

It’s Time to Document Some Milestones

As we grow there are so many milestones that should be photographed. From first steps to graduations for the kids and new homes or jobs for the adults growth and change are the story of our lives. We often celebrate milestone birthdays and graduations at family reunions.

Big hugs to the granddaughters and grandma from grandpa.

Family reunion photos are a great way to document these milestones along with the joy the whole family shares in seeing another grow and change. And how special for Grandma to be able to look back on those celebratory photos remembering that feeling when everyone was celebrating her big day and life’s accomplishments?

Covid Has Changed Us

Covid has changed us all. Many of us went months or years without seeing family. Some of us lost friends and family. We have all felt scared and alone during the pandemic.

A man and his elderly father visit on a sunny spring afternoon while petting a golden retriever.

Many of us realized how important real connection with other humans is to our health and wellbeing. We clung to photos from “before the pandemic” as windows into a time we came to understand would never return.

Images Created By Your Family Reunion Photographer Will Only Increase in Value

As the years pass, you and your family will treasure your family reunion photos.

Mom and daughter -- both adults, both with big smiles!

It’s a clich√© because it’s true: the only certainty in life is change! And, I’ve been told I’m not alone in being bad at predicting the future. (Check out this post about my very unexpected transition to home schooling for proof!)

All I can say with certainty is that your next family reunion will be different. I am a storyteller through and through. I started this business because I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that story matters.

Mom and daughter walking their beagle at a family reunion.

Our children deserve to know their stories. Understanding family history helps us all find our place in this world. And snuggling up with a big kid to look at family photos from when they were little is about as sweet as it gets!

The Right Family Reunion Photographer Will Make the Experience Special!

A skilled family reunion photographer will have a game plan to keep things moving and facilitate fun connection during the photo session.

The whole family -- grandparents, mom and dad, two daughter and six smiling faces.

I do all my work outside which means we will meet in a gorgeous location. Thankfully those are not hard to find in and near Chittenden County! Being in a beautiful place means that you will spend part of your time being inspired by that place.

The whole clan -- mom, four grown kids, two teenaged grandkids and a dog.

If you are interested in booking a session for your next family reunion, please reach out today by clicking the “Let’s Get Started” button in the upper right. I’m looking forward to meeting you and yours!

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