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Natural Family Photos: The Perfect Gift

Natural Family Photos are the perfect gift for both parents and grandparents. We work so hard to build and provide for our families. Parenthood seems to be equal parts rewarding and challenging, fulfilling and exhausting.

A family of four enjoys a walk on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Parents and grandparents treasure natural family photos of those they love most. Here are a few reasons why photos make the perfect gift.

Family Photos Remind Us Why We Work So Hard

I love my job as a Vermont family and pet photographer and I hope you love yours too. And, still, jobs are hard work. At times they exhaust and stress us. Often we’d rather be spending the time with our loved ones, but we work to provide for them.

A Vermont mom, kisses her daughter on the head while they sit on a blanket.

Having a family photo on display near your desk or workstation can help you return to your why when the work day feels long and tiring.

A family of tree is laughing and having fun!

The gift of a framed desk or wall-ready print is often the perfect gift for any working parent. Besides, who doesn’t love showing off their clan to colleagues around the office?

Natural Family Photos Show Our Family the Way We Want to Remember Them

Amid all the chaos that accompanies raising children, there are moments that we just want to freeze.

We won’t miss the sleepless nights (they do pass), car seat struggles (yes, you need to buckle, again!) or discussions about screen time limits when our kids are older (no, you can’t watch videos all day!). But, we sure do miss the little baby curls, the chubby toddler cheeks, and those tween grins as the kids get older.

Natural family photos are a chance to capture those special candid moments, the little bits that are making this season so memorable for your family.

Mom gazes down lovingly at her baby.

All of my work is inspired by the Vermont landscape. Your photos will have a natural feel because nature will be part of the photos. Some families opt to have photos taken at home, others love to explore a local park or site with me.

Two women walk a dog on a trail with Vermont's fall foliage in the background.

In a Sea of Stuff, Photos Only Become More Valuable with Time

Whether its Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, a birthday or the December holiday season, we all want to show our love with a special gift. However, I bet you’ve also had the experience of giving a gift that wasn’t appreciated, enjoyed or even used. Maybe it even got tossed after only a few months.

But, good photos only become more valuable with time. Kids and puppies grow up. Loved ones pass on. Our pets are never with us long enough. As time unfolds, photos of the past become invaluable.

Black and white image of a couple in their 70s embracing and laughing.

I know you don’t want to cling to the past, but I also know you don’t want to forget life’s most special moments. Photos, especially natural family photos, help us keep our most special memories alive. They help us tell stories to the next generation and reminisce with our spouse about years gone by.

I use specific strategies to capture natural family photos at every session.

Have you ever tried to capture natural family photos yourself? Sometimes you get a great one. And, other times, the expressions look a bit too natural. That’s likely because you want a photo that is both natural and flattering. At that’s where I come in. With years of practice photographing families and their pets, I am skilled at capturing the moments of connection that you do want to remember.

I only need a fraction of a second to capture that moment, but it does need to be the right fraction of a second! You want the happy belly laugh photo, not the unflattering eyes closed what’s happening there photo.

A dog smiles at the camera from his loving owner's lap.

At my family sessions, I place my clients in pretty light with a lovely backdrop then invite them to play some games with me. Sometimes it’s a group hug or a game of Who Is. As in: Who’s the messiest? Who’s the most likely to have an extra dessert? These types of questions are fun and tend to get everyone laughing so I can capture those natural family photos of love and connection that you’ll want to gift to yourself and others.

A Little One laughs on her Dad's shoulders. She's covering his eyes with her hands!

What’s the next step?

Ready to discuss, or even book, your family or pet photo session? Please reach out through the contact buttons on my website. I’ll get back in touch within one business day to schedule a video meeting. That’s when you get to tell me all your hopes and dreams for the session. You can share your worries too so we can make a plan.

I’ll fill you in on the details of my process, and if you’re ready, we’ll compare calendars. I’ll email you the booking forms and once your deposit and completed forms come through, you’ll officially be on my calendar

I like to plan ahead so please reach out at least six weeks in advance of your hoped for date.

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