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What to Expect at Your Family Photo Session

Know what to expect at your family photo session and put your mind at ease! After a short walk to our destination, I’ll start with whole family portraits followed by facilitated fun while I capture storytelling images. All family photo sessions follow covid safety guidelines.

A Short Walk, if you are able

Most of my favorite locations are a 5-10 minute walk from the parking area. I will help you select a location that will give us a beautiful backdrop, few distractions and pretty light. Usually this means hiking for a few minutes. 

 Dad and son walking during a family photo session.  - What to expect at your family photo session.
Dad and son walk during a fall photo session.

Some clients prefer to change from walking shoes into other more stylish shoes once we reach our destination.

For those who prefer to stay closer to the car, that is always an option.

Photos of the Whole Family

I like to begin with photos of the whole family. Everyone expects these from a photo session and we all feel better if these are done first.

Expect to start with a family portrait at a family photo session.
A whole family photo!

Facilitated Photos

Many people have an expectation that there will be lots of posing. But, I prefer to facilitate things you would do naturally. These moments will comprise most of our time together. Based on your pre-session survey, I’ll have a variety of “activities” planned. These might include snuggling with Mom on a blanket, family play time or a little one sitting on Dad’s shoulders.

Mommy and Me time at a Williston family photo session.
Mommy and Me Time!
Whole family fun at a Vermont family photo session. This is an example of what to expect at your family photo session.
Whole Family Fun!

Most families want portraits of each person so we integrate those as well. Many kids like to bring a favorite prop – baseball mitts, dolls and books are all great additions to a photo session!

Portrait of a boy at a Vermont family photo session.
Portrait of a young baseball player

Family Photo Sessions are Fun!

We always pick a pretty place in nature and we will only take photos if the weather is cooperative. So, right from the start, things are looking up. But, mostly, this will be a chance for your family to be together. I’ll guide you into a hug near some pretty trees, a blanket break in gentle shade and some big snuggles as the sun sets. 


Due to covid-19, family photo session expectations include social distancing. I’ll be masked and staying at least 6 feet back. I’ve adjusted my lens choices so that I can still capture close-up portraits and more encompassing storytelling images. You will be asked to mask up within 6 feet of me, otherwise, you may take your mask off for the session.

What to expect at your family photo session

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  1. Valerie Smith says:

    So beautifully thought out and then communicated, Kate!

    • Catherine Farrell says:

      Thank you, Valerie! It’s really important to me that people feel comfortable at their sessions. I think that knowing what to expect helps.

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