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How I Ensure a Relaxed Photo Session

Family photos can be a source of stress. With some simple steps, I create a relaxed photo session for each family. Spoiler alert: these are not photography tricks!

I Listen to Client’s Special Needs

Everyone is welcome on the other side of my lens. But, I know that being photographed isn’t comfortable for everyone. That’s especially true for people with special needs. I talk (not just email!) with every client early in the booking process to be sure we are a good fit. Between that chat and my pre-session questionnaire, there are plenty of opportunities to be sure your needs are known and will be met.

Some clients need a location that will require little to no walking. Some need a slower pace or a few extra minutes to get to know me ahead of time. Others have a child with an invisible difference.

During my 19 years as a high school science teacher, I worked with many special needs students. I believe that each person deserves to be met in their present circumstance with respect and kindness

Your story matters and I’m here to help you tell it.

At a Family Photo Session I Help Everyone Relax and Connect

Your family photo session will be relaxed so that you and your family have time to connect. Honestly, how often do you take time to just sit and BE with your kids? You will get to do that at your session! I have a general flow that I follow, but there is plenty of time built in for kiddo moments.

This is NOT a time to expect “perfect” behavior from your kids. (What is “perfect behavior” anyway?!) I expect that they will be kids and I will roll with that. I will be sure you all have some moments of genuine connection so that when you look back on the photos, you recall a very special evening spent together feeling grateful for your family.

At Your Family Photo Session I Will Play with Your Dog and Kids

In addition to kids, love dogs! If your family includes a dog, I will play with your pup during the session! And, you can expect to see me on the ground photographing your canine pal at their eye level. I’ve photography kids that way too!

I always have something simple, fun and special planned for the kids too. So, they will have a good time, be smiling genuinely and creating special memories with you during the photo session.

I am happy to include well-mannered dogs in my family photo sessions. With a little advance planning, it’s easy to pick a dog friendly location.

Every once in a while I hop around to the other side of the lens! Here’s one of me and Willow.
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