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Four Myths about Professional Family Photos

You’ve thought about getting professional family photos taken, but something is holding you back. I get it. Many of my clients felt that way before they booked. One of these four myths might be holding you back.

Myth #1: Only “Perfect Families” get Professional Family Photos

Hard stop on this one. I photograph ALL families bound by love and respect. Period.

Check out my portfolio, you’ll see that I capture genuine moments of connection. I go to each session with the aim of telling my clients’ story. Of course, I don’t arrive with a fairy tale “perfect family” script that just needs some images. I will be at your photo session because your story matters.

One of several professional family photos taken at a family reunion. Mom and daughter walk their beagle.

Myth #2: Getting Professional Family Photos will be Painful and Embarrassing

Block out those memories of waiting in line for a school ID photo or being asked to hold an uncomfortable pose in a studio. My sessions are a chance to relax outside with your family — including your furry friend(s).

We’ll meet in a pretty and comfortable place. That might be your backyard or one of our many local parks and natural areas.

You and your family will have the chance to joke around and enjoy time together while I photograph you. Yes, of course, I’ll guide you and facilitate our time together. It will be an enjoyable experience of connection outdoors with your family.

Myth #3: Nobody Can Take a Good Picture of ME!

Give me a chance on this one! I’ve photographed many people over the years. Whether you are shy behind the camera or just a bit self conscious, I’m sure we can find a setting and situation that will show you as your best self.

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Myth #4: Professional Family Photos Are Not Worth the Money

You will treasure your professional family photos for decades. Your children and grandchildren will treasure your professional family photos.

To your loved ones professional family photos will be priceless when you are gone. While it can feel like a stretch in the moment, I think that your future self will be grateful. Even more, I think that your family will be grateful for the images years from now.

How Do I Book a Professional Photo Session?

Ready to book? Great, let’s talk. I’d love to hear about your hopes and dreams for the session. Together, we’ll select a location and get planning!

Reach out through the “Let’s Get Started” button at the top of this page or email me directly: kate@katefarrellphotography.com.

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