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Why Hire a Professional Photographer when Your Phone Camera is with You All the Time?

If you are not reading this on your smart phone, I bet your smart phone is within arm’s reach! And, that phone probably has an impressive built-in camera. With that camera riding around in your pocket all day, why hire a professional photographer for your family? Good question!

DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras have Features Your Phone Doesn’t

The tools are not the same. Professional DSLR (like my Cannon 5d Mark iv) and mirrorless cameras have no delay. When I press the shutter, I capture the image. In addition, I can — and do — adjust every setting with intention with my camera. This ensures the desired artistic effect in every image such as crisp action or creamy bokeh. I wrote about my favorite camera features in this post.

Professional cameras are also compatible with a wide array of interchangeable lenses. Like a painter might chose a brush with care, a photographer selects her lens with care for each session. Having the right tools, however, isn’t the whole story.

A Professional Photographer Composes Photos Properly

Hand your cell phone off to your cousin’s kid to get a photo of your family and who knows what you’ll get. Maybe a photo you love? More likely something tilted with a tree branch growing out of your head and your kid’s right shoulder cut off.

There are a wealth of photography education resources out there (I love Click Photo School) and you certainly can learn about composition. (It’s lots of fun too!) But, if that’s not your jam, or you want to be IN the photos, then hire someone with a trained eye and lots of practice.

Professional Photographer photo of a couple with their beloved dog.

A well composed photo is easy on the eyes and draws the viewer in. It is flattering to the subjects. It tells a story through what is included as well as excluded.

A Professional Photographer will Capture THE Decisive Moment

My work is all about capturing life’s Seasons, Stories and Connections. My clients want to be brought back to THIS moment years, even decades later.

Professional photographer image of a 4 year old twirling on a rocky beach.

A well composed photo that captures the moment of connection will bring back a flood of emotion ranging from gratitude for what you had to awe at how you did ALL that back then! (Ever have that feeling looking at photos from 10 years ago?) Snapshots just don’t have that effect.

You Want to be Remembered by More than Selfies!

Hey, I love a good selfie too. They’re fun. But, I do NOT want to be remembered only by selfies with my arm reflected in my sunglasses!!

Selfie of me in my bike gear on a gorgeous summer day.
Check out the reflection of my arm in my sunglasses in this iPhone selfie.

A professional photographer will take care to photograph the family photographer with their family. The only way to be in quality photos is to have a skilled photographer take photos of you. Your story matters; let a photographer capture it.

Professional Photographer photo of mom and daughter hugging with fall foliage in the background.

A professional photographer will set you up with high quality digital photos and print products

What do we DO with the photos? It’s a question as old as the camera itself.

A professional photographer will have access to a professional print shop to connect you with heirloom quality wall art, albums and prints. These will look gorgeous on your walls as soon as they arrive and stand the test of time. Plus, you have the benefit of your photographer’s expertise if you get stuck along the way.

All of my session packages include both digital downloads and print credits. This way, clients have photos to share on social media and backups of all their images. Clients also can select the albums, wall art or loose prints that meet their needs. All these can be easily ordered through my on-line store. No need to keep track of file names and other logistics on your own!

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